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Colored Gemstones For New Jewelry Designers – a Masterclass

Start incorporating colored gemstones in your designs without all the I’m-new-to-this overwhelming feeling.

We’ll be focusing on the jewelry-related aspect of gemstones, in jargon you can understand, to put you on the path to becoming a big-time jeweler.


How To Choose The Best and most durable Colored Gems

Make sure you design jewels that light you up but are also durable. It would be best if you didn’t forget a jewel’s functionality because no one wants an unhappy customer.

This guidebook will help you navigate 50 different colored gemstones in two situations: 

  1. When you’re consolidating your design, but you need to be sure the gem you’re choosing is the right fit for the use its gonna have, and if its price is in the range you want it to be
  2. When you have a client in front of you asking for a custom-made piece, and you need to go through some gemstone options. You’ll want to inform them of what’s the best stone for the treasure they’re after. 

All with the help of some visual guides to make all communications crystal-clear.