Love jewelry? Here are 5 books to pop your eyeballs

Today’s post is a pretty straight forward one.

And here’s why:

It recently came to my knowledge that tomorrow, on the 6th of September, it’s national Read a Book Day in the USA.

Although I couldn’t find the origin of such a tradition, I love it already, and I think it should be celebrated worldwide.

Don’t you?

But since here at NWD it’s all about precious and colored gemstones I have 5 book proposals for you on the topic.

In these 5 books you’ll be able to:

  • travel the world in search of the best, and most precious colored gems
  • explore the meaning of several of these crystals
  • get valuable tips on how to buy jewelry, especially fine jewelry
  • admire some of the most exquisite jewelry produced in our times
  • travel back in time into a point where my country – Portugal – made a difference in the world of gems and jewelry

Some of the books I’m telling you will soon become rarities, and so, you might consider getting them while they are available. As you already know, I’m all about helping you, and so I’ve found a place where you can download one of these books, in full color, FOR FREE!

Actually, you’ll be able to download lots of books so you’ll have no excuses not to celebrate this Read a Book Day.

As I was growing up, I was kinda like a book worm. My favorite books were always filled with adventures, mysteries, and quite often based on historical facts. One of my all-time favorites is “The Ramses Series.” Also, five books written by Christian Jacq that tell the winnings and challenges lived by one of Egypt’s biggest Pharaohs.

In the past, I could grab a book, sit on the couch, and stay there for hours. Obviously, that only happens when the book is good. And these days I can’t do the same. Not with a 5-year-old running around… Well… It’s enough to say that if you have one of those, you’ll understand the difficulty of reading quietly…

Now, the books I’ve selected will also enable you to feel the adventures, mysteries, and get some gem related historical facts.

Funny how sometimes life allows you to go full circle, right? 🙂

But let’s get down to it:


If you’ve been following me on Instagram, then you’ll know that I’ve met Vlad in person a month ago, and had him sign my copy of his book. Vlad’s an amazing man that loves both gems and photography. It’s no wonder that his books on colored gemstones are always visually appealing and full of color photos. He told me this book took him more than a year editing, and that he took great care in the choice of the printer company because he wanted the gems to be accurately represented. Now that’s caring! Each chapter of the book takes you into a new gem species, showing you the mines, and the people that dig these treasures from the ground. As the jeweler that he is, Vlad tends to work in a mindset of limited editions so grab your copy while you can. Just saying…


If you’re into crystal therapy, or solely on a search for a more metaphysical meaning for the gems you own than this book’s for you. I found this book through a friend of mine that practices Reiki. She had just taken a course on how to use crystals to enhance your inner energy. And this was the book recommended by her teacher. She showed it to me, and I found it quite interesting. Whether you’re into crystal healing or not, one of the reasons why I like this book and ended up getting one for myself is that it is organized kinda like a dictionary with photos of raw crystals and a detailed text for each of them. It serves as a visual reference book whenever you wanna check some specific crystal, but it’s also quite fun to see all the meanings that those crystals accumulated over time.


JEWELRY & GEMS – THE BUYING GUIDE, by Antoinette Matlins, PG, FGA & A. C. Bonanno, FGA, ASA, MGA

Do you love jewels? Especially fine jewelry? Well, in that case, this is a must-have book. Look, all those letters after the names of the authors serve as proof of their authority in the matter. Plus, they’ve been in this industry for quite some decades. They’ve seen a lot, and they share a lot! The book is already on its 8th edition, and some folks just keep on buying them because they wanna get the new and updated version with the latest insights and tips from the authors. Once again, if you love fine jewelry, this book will help you understand better what it is you’re seeing on jewelry stores, and it will give you valuable tips to keep you buying “jewelry with confidence and knowledge.


Small but boy, oh so mighty! That’s how I wanna introduce you to this book. Simply stated, if you’ve never heard about JAR, an acronym for his name – Joel Arthur Rosenthal – than I don’t know on which rock you’ve been living under. In 2001, The New York Times called him the “greatest living jeweler“; and Diane von Furstenberg “the Fabergé of our time.” JAR has been producing some of the worlds most exceptional jewelry, plus he paved the way to a series of mega jewelers that followed his approach. After him, many have copied his elusive and exclusive business model in which he does no advertising, and has no public display of the pieces available to purchase. He relies solely on word of mouth between his elite customers. Usually, what his creating is shrouded in mystery but there were three occasions in which he organized a retrospective exhibition of his work. This book’s the catalog of the latest one done at the MET, in New York. First, you get to read a bit about JAR, and then you delight yourself with all the great 69 photos of his pieces. If you can’t afford his jewels, then this is the closest you’ll get. Priceless if you ask me!


Last but not least, this final book I’m proposing you is entirely on important pieces of Portuguese Jewelry from the 18th century! I won’t deny it, I have a soft spot for this book and the jewels on it. The book is actually a catalog of an exhibition presented in Lisbon last year, by the current owner of these treasures – the S.J. Phillips Jewellery firm in London. It was amazing!!!! I knew some of this jewels from the web, and I had seen similar pieces in museums, but to be able to see this collection in person was awesome! And the word “treasures” is more than accurate in this case since these are records of a time that will not repeat itself. The S.J. Phillips collection reflects one of the most beautiful moments in Portuguese art when vast amounts of gold, diamonds, and colored gemstones were arriving in Lisbon from Brazil. In this exhibition catalog, you’ll get to see the pieces, and read an essay by one of the highest authorities in historic jewelry – Diana Scarisbrick. Now to the more good news: this catalog is online and easily downloadable for FREE. Just follow the link in the title or the picture. You have no excuses not to read it!

Now I’ll leave it up to you:

Do you like my book suggestions? Let me know in the comments.

Have you read any of these 5 books? Let me know what you think of them in the comments.

Do you know other equally good books on gems and jewels? I’d love to know! Let me know in the comments, will’ya?

And in the meantime, have an incredible Read a Book Day!

Talk to you soon,