Today we’re talking about how a jewel can help you seize the power of optimism, and serve as a reminder for more positive thinking on your part.

Now, it doesn’t matter if

  • you’re looking for a guide on gemstone colors, and their meanings,
  • you’re searching for a crystal for your solar plexus chakra, 
  • you’re on a hunt for a stone that attracts happiness.

No matter the reason, this post on how a jewel can symbolize and transmit optimism is for you.

But just before we get there, let me share something with you.

This is the place where I get to share those things that I love the most. Here it’s all about colored gemstones, the meaning of those colors, the old stories about gems, and some fact-based advice for those like you that love good bling!

And I’ve already told you about the meaning of green, blue, and purple gemstones so, if you’re curious, you can use the links I’m leaving here for some catching up. But today I wanna talk about another color you can find in gems.

You see, ever since they’ve announced summer that the color yellow’s been on my mind.  Quite probably due to that big, yellowish disc in the sky – the Sun. 

Or maybe this yellow obsession’s all due to that yellow Mali Garnet I’ve seen online for sale, and that I’ve been struggling to resist.  I have a thing with Mali’s you know? ?

But instead of listing all the yellow gemstones out there, today I’m more focused on telling you about the meaning behind these gems. Well, if I’m being frank with you… I wanted to explore all the possible meanings of yellow and see if I could find the hidden message the universe’s been trying to tell me by making me be more aware of all the yellow around.

So here’s what I’ve found so far:

There’s a bit of sunlight in all that’s painted yellow.

You’ll quickly find the color yellow in use to convey a message of optimism, and it’s the right color for having fun, or finding understandings…

You can link yellow to gold, the sun, energy, and life on earth; but then, on the other side, as things get older they acquire a yellowish tone. So which is it? Is yellow good, or bad? Positive, or negative? And what could a yellow gem on your ring be saying to others?

Given that yellow can be linked to gold, light and the sun, that magnificent star that makes life on Earth possible, why don’t we use it more? True, yellow’s one of the most unstable colors out there: a drop of red and it turns orange; a drop of blue and it gets green. Could this be the reason why? Could it be that the difficulty in finding a “pure” yellow’s the reason why we don’t use it more? 

“Everyone knows that yellow, orange, and red suggest ideas of joy and plenty.”

Eugene Delacroix

Although the light coming from the sun’s actually colorless, to our eyes, we tend to perceive it as yellow and that’s why it came to be the color of light. And by being the color of light, it becomes the color for enlightenment and intelligence. At least in European symbolism.

In the Christian parts of Europe, you can easily find God represented as a gold or yellow triangle with an eye in the middle. And for the ancient Greeks, their gods had blond  (golden) hair. Helios and Apollo, their solar gods, used to be crowned in yellow. An old legend even says that where yellow flowers bloom, a God is buried beneath.

The God Helios in his carriage, Dome of the entrance hall of the Széchenyi Bath, Budapest, Northern Hungary; Zairon [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

With all this line of reasoning it comes as no surprise that, in time, yellow also became the color of maturity. I’m sure you already heard the expressions golden years, golden fruits, golden leaves, or golden wheat. They all refer to a romantic notion that with time, fruits get sweeter, and we get wiser. 

Now, let us make a quick recap of what I’ve found so far about the color yellow:

  • The color yellow can be linked to many different feelings like optimism, having fun, or being energized.
  • Our most elemental experiences with yellow are connected to the sun.
  • Given that link with the sun, and with light, old European costumes associated yellow with their Gods.
  • Yellow’s also linked with enlightenment, intelligence, and maturity.

Now… my dear friend, it’s your turn.

Let me know in the comments all your thoughts on the color yellow. Do you like it, or not so much?

And how about a ring with a big yellow sapphire, or a big yellow diamond? Maybe for a yellow engagement ring? Do you think that they could help boost your mood into a more positive feel? 🙂

Let me know below all you think about them, and which is your favorite will’ya?

Talk to you soon,

(After connecting all these dot’s I wanna buy something for myself with a touch of gold or a yellow gem. Don’t you?)

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