Stop Hesitating And Get Her The Ring! Here Are 3 Reasons Why.

Calling all those talking about “getting engaged,” and looking for a ring! Buying an engagement ring, in theory at least, should be a one-time purchase. And no guy wants to mess it up. It’s meant to be forever! This “forever” factor, combined with the lack of knowledge about gems and jewelry, is what usually makes us guys hesitate about all that engagement ring hunt. In this post, I’m exploring three misconceptions spreading on the web about engagement rings. We’ll also explore why an engagement ring is indeed the right way for you to show your loved one you’re the real deal.

Looking For THE Perfect Engagement Ring? Do It In Color!

Are you hearing about colored engagement rings for the first time? Afraid of making all the wrong choices? Over the past couple of years, those set to-be-wed have been opting for colored stone engagement rings in a rainbow of hues. Today’s post is for guys like you that say: “…nothing worries me more than buying an engagement ring (not even buying a car or a house). After visiting several jewelry stores I’m even more worried.”

3 Exceptional Sapphires To Make You Feel Like a Queen

Sapphire, the birthstone of September belongs to the exclusive club of precious gemstones, and it’s usually one of the most valuable gems in the world. Usually, a gem becomes famous because of its exceptional natural qualities, its legendary origin, and quite often due to its history. When you can make a link between a particular gem, and say, a famous royal wearing it, those gems acquire an aura of their own. In this post we’re gonna see three exceptional sapphires taken to auction.

Love jewelry? Here are 5 books to pop your eyeballs

Tomorrow it’s national “Read a Book Day” in the USA. Although I couldn’t find the origin of such a tradition, I love it already, and I have 5 book proposals for you. In them you’ll be able to: travel the world in search of the best, and most precious colored gems; explore the meaning of several of these crystals; get valuable tips on how to buy jewelry, especially fine jewelry; admire some of the most exquisite jewelry produced in our times; and travel back in time into a point where my country – Portugal – made a difference in the world of gems and jewelry. They’re also so visual and full of quality photos you’ll pop your eyeballs.

A Tip Of The Gem Trade For Online Buyers

Sharing is caring, right? And since I SO care for you, I thought I’d share a little trick of my trade. You see before taking my gemologist course I’ve spent a couple of years buying gems online. In this post, I want to give you a great tip to help you safely do the same!

How To Seize The Power Of Optimism In A Jewel

Today we’re talking about how a jewel can help you seize the power of optimism, and serve as a reminder for more positive thinking on your part. Now, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a guide on gemstone colors, and their meanings; if you’re searching for a crystal for your solar plexus chakra; or if you’re on a hunt for a stone that attracts happiness. No matter the reason, this post on how a jewel can symbolize and transmit optimism is for you.

Do You Love, Lust, Or Run From Tanzanite?

Tanzanite was formed about 585 million years ago, but it only became known in 1967. Tiffany & co. took this blue gem to a whole new level, and now the whole world loves this rare african treasure. Now, despite it’s young age, Tanzanite’s not without its tales and stories… Let me tell you all about it.

How To Say “Royal” With Jewelry

There’s one gemstone that’s currently quite affordable to most people but that was quite the opposite a few centuries ago. In those days it was so rare that all royal houses of Europe ended up having them in their treasure vaults.