Hi, I’m Luis

A gemologist, instructor, family man & a big fan of colored gemstones, dedicated to helping you become the jeweler you’ve been dreaming of.

Raised in the middle of vineyards in sunny Portugal, no one in my family could imagine that I would be here with my passion for gemstones, a laptop, and a vision to make a living doing what I love and surround myself with other creative souls.

Through this blog and my online trainings (in jargon you can actually understand), I wanna help people like you master the art of using gems, and I’m backing that up with crystal-clear guides and playbooks you can translate into your designs.

One of the things I’m often asked is

“How on earth did you get into gems?”

My obsession fascination and dedication to gems started thirteen years ago but looking back… there’s a small line of breadcrumbs in my life leading me here.

One of those first breadcrumbs was my mom’s stories about my godfather, who had a jewelry store in Lisbon.

I grew up hearing about an extraordinary box with shiny gems inside his vault and the loose board on the dining room floor. A little pressure at a particular place on that board and off it was to reveal some gold coins, gold bars, and a couple of pieces. I remember how excited that whole story used to made me feel.

There were other breadcrumbs along that way, and then one day, I started buying gems online. 

A bit over a decade ago, I wanted to use gemstones in some craft works I was doing, but that quickly escalated into something more. I was hooked, and I started building a gem collection.

I kept buying with no one to ask for guidance, no insider contacts, and only my 9-to-5 to fund these dreams. (Oh, and yeah… that and pay my bills)

After 4 years of that, several hundred dollars wasted on low-quality gems, and being scammed quite a few times, I was more than frustrated.

But that frustration was about more than just gems. My day job in airbags and steering wheel development was not enough anymore. 

I was also questioning my future and dreaming of building something mine on the side.

Can you relate?

Life is always happening for you, not to you.

Tony Robbins

Well, it did happen that during those tumultuous questioning times, I came across an ad for a new gem course at the newly formed Portuguese Gemological Association.

I ended up going for a full gem diploma to find answers on gems and my future life.

I loved every class I’ve had about gems’ properties, inclusions, treatments, myths, and legends. All ten months of it!

I also loved those CSI kinds of days, where I was the detective, studying the gem under the loupe, trying to identify it or its treatments.

I would sit all day in the lab, testing the entire school collection (plus some add-ons that my jeweler’s colleagues used to bring in their pockets).

Now I know how and where to buy the gems I want. 

I’ve been safely buying the most magical and juicy gemstones you can think of, and I wanna share my frameworks with you.

And from all these years of buying gems and trying to create some jewelry myself, I’m also aware that I still have a lot to learn.

That is if I really want to live my dream life.


Since you’ve found your way into this page, I know you’re a creative person and that you daydream of making a living around gems and the pieces you create.

But I heard a few of you saying things like, “gemstones, honestly, are very intimidating to me.

And that’s why I’m creating the guides, playbooks, and online courses. After all, we’re talking about gemstones, not rocket science. Sure, you need some basic gemology concepts, but they’re not difficult to understand.

Besides, If you’re gonna move to Paris, you better learn some French, right? Well, the same happens with gems. If you wanna add stones to your pieces, at least you gotta know their names right and some of their essential characteristics.

Listen, I know you have it in you to become that next big-time jeweler others talk about. And gems won’t hold you back. 

Now, I won’t pretend I have all the answers here. I made my share of mistakes every time I tried to turn a design of mine into a reality, but I do commit to bringing you the best I know and keeping it real and honest as I go.

With all my free content, the step-by-step guides, online courses, and anything else I might offer, I’m here to share what I know and help you out. With crystal-clear insights about gems, in jargon you can understand, while focusing on the jewelry-related aspect of gemstones.

If you’ve read this far, thank you. Know that I appreciate it, that I’d love to learn more about you, and that the best way to connect with me is making sure you subscribe to No White diamonds – just place your name and email in the form below. 

I’m the father of a 7-year-old adorable brat, husband to a fantastic wife, and I still have a 9-to-5 that pays my bills, making it difficult for me to be on social media all the time.

Having said that, if we’re not connected on Instagram yet, come and say “Hi!”. You can also find me on Facebook and Pinterest too! And if you want access to the most precious and exclusive content, my gem insider’s list is the place to be.

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It’s a 3 part framework to help you sort the gems that best align your creative visions with your skill levels and the goals you have for your jewelry brand.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I’m happy we’re connected, and I’m guessing we’ll be talking soon, right?

Until then, stick to your craft, your dreams, and do your best to bring your visions to light.