A Tip Of The Gem Trade For Online Buyers

Sharing is caring, right?

And since I SO care for you, I thought I’d share a little trick of my trade.

You see before taking my gemologist course I’ve spent a couple of years buying gems online.

In this post, I want to give you a great tip to help you safely do the same!

Whenever you’re looking into a gem listed online, take a closer look into the listed name and description, if you spot the name of two distinct minerals, that’s a red flag.

Do you see my point?

Some sellers, especially on some platforms like Etsy or eBay, try to “add” value to their listed gems by putting the name of a more precious gemstone next to the real name of the mineral their selling.

You might find Apatite with a color similar to Paraiba Tourmaline, but there’s no such thing as “Apatite Tourmaline.” Apatites and Tourmalines are two completely different minerals, and no respectful seller would ever use these strategies to “add value,” or justify a higher price.

a 7mm trillion Apatite, with a color similar to those Neon colored Paraiba Tourmalines, from my personal collection. At the time it was listed as it should, as a treated Apatite.

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So, now that I’ve shared this, I have one question I would like to ask you:

What’s your #1 question, problem or difficulty concerning colored gemstones?

Maybe you prefer a more “romantic” question…

If you could have a “magic wand” and have your biggest colored gemstones challenge disappear, what would it be?

You see, ever since I started No White Diamonds, I’ve been using my own past difficulties with gems as a base for what I’ve been writing. As I’m wrapping summer vacations, I’m also planning what to write about in these months to come, and your doubts would be a great help.

So let me ask you once more:

What’s the biggest issue you have with colored gemstones? What’s been bothering you the most?

Let me know what it is in the comments, and I’ll do my best to address it. Deal? ?

You’ll also be helping all other gemstones lovers with the same issue so, thank’s a million. You’re a gem! ?

Talk to you soon,