Stop Hesitating And Get Her The Ring! Here Are 3 Reasons Why.

Calling all those talking about “getting engaged”, and looking for a ring!

Buying an engagement ring, in theory at least, should be a one-time purchase.

And no guy wants to mess it up.

It’s really unlike any other product or service you’ll buy throughout your lifetimes, such as a car, a house, or a dog.

It’s meant to be forever!

And this “forever” factor, combined with the lack of knowledge about gems and jewelry, is what usually makes us guys hesitate about all that engagement ring hunt.

I know because I’ve been there. Eleven years ago, when it was my time to get engaged, I knew nothing about gems, but nonetheless, there I went into several jewelry shops trying to find THE ring. No idea of what I was doing…

But have you ever stopped to consider why? Why are you so willing to go through the trouble of entering several jewelry stores, and try to find THE ring? Why, when most of the time, you’ve never set foot in such places before? 

The answer is, in fact, quite simple… When we’re in love,  

All a guy wants is to make his girlfriend happy! 

Now… is a ring the ultimate and only way to bring that happiness to our girl? No! But I think you shouldn’t hesitate that much against the idea of an engagement ring, and below I’m gonna walk you through three ideas to state my case.

Look, Google away and you’re gonna read all over that this engagement ring thing is a fabrication of a big marketing agency, working for the big diamond company called De Beers, back in the 1950s. You’ll also read that its all a plot to make you spend a 2-month-salary-amount on a simple carbon stone, and that you’d better not fall into that trap.

Well… That’s a really a short-sited view and not the whole truth!

Here’s why…


It’s easy to build upon the concept that “it’s all a scam,” and point the finger to say, “It’s all De Beers fault!” We’re easily drawn into those sensationalist and negative headlines. 

The only purpose of headlines like “Why Engagement Rings Are a Scam,” “Why Engagement Rings Are a joke,” or even “XX Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Diamonds” is to exploit your fear of not knowing what you’re getting yourself into when it comes to choosing jewelry.

They’re written in that way to explore the fact that you don’t know anything about jewels, that you’re afraid of making a mistake, and that you’re probably looking for some validation for your fears.

The video below, as funny as it might be, is the perfect example of what I mean. Historical facts are presented in such a way that makes you a disbeliever, or serves as validation for your hesitation in buying the darn thing. But in the end, even he admits that in today’s world, there’s not much of a way around it.


Although I’m not a big fan of white diamonds (hence the site named No White diamonds), know this…

Diamonds are anything but a “simple carbon stone.”

Maybe they’re not as rare as people fantasize, but they do take millions of years to form naturally. They’re formed below the Earth’s crust in the middle of tremendous pressures, huge turmoil, and the highest temperatures you can imagine. Later they have to be mined, and a qualified cutter has to shape them so that you can enjoy them. Now, if that’s not more than a “simple stone” than I don’t know what is.

Now, can diamonds be produced in labs? Yes!

Are those lab-created diamonds being sold for the real thing? Oh yes!

That’s the real scam these days, and something you should be mindful of.

Can I make a suggestion? I know I’m biased but won’t you consider an engagement ring with a splash of color? Some sapphire blue, a bit of tsavorite green, or maybe a dash of ruby red, and that engagement ring gets upgraded into a whole new level. Plus, if you choose well you can get a more affordable ring without compromising all the needed wow factor.

If that’s an option for you than know that gemstone engagement rings are going to be the main subject on my blog for the coming weeks. Make sure you subscribe and follow to get the latest updates.


Long before the engagement ring tradition we know today, there has always been dowries and the custom of having something to prove how committed you are to that future relationship.

You may say that in the past it was entirely different, that that only happened when the marriage was an arrangement between families, that that’s something that only the richest and nobles used to do, and you might also have noticed that in the past it used to be the bride’s family to bring the dowry.

That’s all true, but times have changed.

  • Today more and more people get together out of love and not some family arrangement.
  • Today We’re more prosperous than we’ve ever been. We have better opportunities than those old knights of the round table, and most women aspire to a beautiful piece of jewelry.
  • Today, women rule the engagement game. They’re finally getting heard for what they’ve always been: intelligent, hard workers, and proud beings. They won’t take anything less than that from you. Why should they? Would you?

So yes, times have changed, and now, probably more than ever, it makes sense that you prove your girlfriend you’re the real deal. We live in an extroverted world, which is also the reason why social media (like it or not) became an answer to our need to connect with others and the world.

You must show her you love her and that you’re serious about your commitment to growing a life together.

I have yet another video for you. This time it’s from a jewelry company that works mainly online – JamesAllen. They let you chose the gem, the setting, and design your own engagement ring using their online tools, but they also have a selection of designer rings from which you can choose.

They describe themselves as “A DIAMOND BRIDAL JEWELRY COMPANY WITH A TECHNOLOGY SOUL“. Working mainly with diamonds they also have a selection of colored gemstones you can use.

Now, let me make clear that I have no link to them. This is no affiliate link.

And although I do recognize they went the extra mile to make their page present all the correct bells and whistles, I’m mentioning them due to a video they released on youtube. It’s a short video that reinforces this third point I’ve been telling you about. Check it out…

Do you see my point?

Our 21st-century reality is quite different from the dark and medieval ages, but you wanna make her happy, and an engagement ring is a BIG deal for many, many women. In today’s world, an engagement ring is a pretty darn good way for you to show her you’re in love.

To me, the problem isn’t in whether you decide, or not, to buy her an engagement ring. The issue’s that men still go for that endeavor without knowing what they’re doing…

The truth’s that the “typical Joe” will wander into a beautiful jewelry store, not knowing diddly about diamonds, other existing gems, or even jewels.


That’s the real issue here!

In they go with an I’m-lost-look in their eyes that is as an aphrodisiac to the store clerks. With all their lush carpets, free coffee, revolving credit, and halogen lights that can make a piece of tar light up like Vegas, the stores have a clear advantage here. They might provide you with some brochures, “lessons,” or tips, but let’s face it… You’re easy prey for unscrupulous jewelers.

But that’s the topic we’re gonna cover next week.

Until then, I wanna know what are your fears concerning engagement rings. Leave them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to give you a crystal clear answer. Deal?

Talk to you soon,

Cover Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash